DNA Crossfilter Chromosome 22 and 23 (XY)

DNA Crossfilter

This is an example utilizing CSV-data, D3 and and Square Crossfilter.
Filter examples (click on the blue hyperlinks in the text below and watch the graphs change):
  • You probably know that you have 23 pairs of chromsomes of which Chromosome 1-22 are autosomes and that sex chromosomes X or Y are chromosome 23 .
  • The chromsome with largest number of base pairs is Chromosome 1, but did you know that Chromosome 22 is not the shortest? It is actually chromosome 21, refer to list below.
  • Did you know that the X chromosome has about 2.7 times more base pairs than the Y chromosome?
  • Try also to brush data directly on graphs

Chromosome 1-22 and 23=X,Y
Longest Block (1 cM ~ 1 million base pairs)
Start location (base pair)
End location (base pair)
Data by Chromosome (- of - rows selected).