Autosomal DNA Crossfilter

DNA Crossfilter

Anyone who has tested Family Finder on FTDNA can use the Autosomal DNA Crossfilter for further analysis. FTDNA's Chromosome Browser is limited to review only seven (7) out of possibly +10.000 Family Finder matches simultaneously. With Autosomal DNA Crossfilter it is easy to browse through and cross filter chromosomes 1-22 and X in the search for matches, long blocks or specific recombination points. The Autosomal DNA Crossfilter is free of use. Note: no data is stored on server, all data is handled on your client computer.
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Drop your CSV-file here then click GO (or just click GO without file drop for a DEMO) to populate graphs with data, then filter the data and observe the output below.
Drop CSV file here
Filter examples (refer to filtered list below graphs):

Chromosome 1-22 and X(23) - Number of matches on each chromsome.
Block Length - Number of matches at different block lengths
Start location - Number of matches at each base pair location, centromeres in darker grey color (brush on chromosomes in graph below)
Matches by Chromosome 1-22 and X(23) - - of - rows filtered (refer to list below).

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